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This couple started seeing results fast after making the simplest change to their program.

What’s the most logical thing to do on your first day in the gym and you have no idea what you’re doing...? You look at the other guy/gal next to you and just copy what they are doing! Well, that’s the most common response to that question but not necessarily the best idea.

You see, the biggest mistake a new gym attendee can make is compare or try to mimic what other members in the gym are doing. There are tons of different reasons but the most important is the lack of structure you need to continue to be successful. Sure you may be able to get a few exercises in that day but what about tomorrow? What about months or years from now? You can’t just keep going off of the person next you. You need a plan of your own.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or have Jillian Michaels face on it. It can be anything. It could be learning the machines within our facility and using those in a different way each week. Whether you increase the weight every few weeks or change the reps, you’re looking for progress. Just coming in and “going through the motions” will leave you discouraged and bored. Next thing you know, you will be giving up gym time for the latest episode of the Walking Dead. Which seems like a good idea but your waist line will end up paying the price.

So Which Plan Should I choose?

It doesn’t take much to research a basic beginner strength training program on the internet. Find something that fits your goals and something you can do within the walls of your new gym (most can be done anywhere). The next most important step is to STICK TO THE PROGRAM. I don’t care what your neighbor, your best friend or father says. Dedication and hard work will make any workout plan the best plan to follow. The biggest issue you see is people who skip from plan to plan. The inconsistency destroys any hope of seeing results.

So give yourself the edge and shut out what the magazines and commercials are telling you. Find ONE plan that seems will be fun and stick to that ONE plan. We guarantee you happiness and most of all RESULTS!

Get the best deal in town!

3 Months for only $19

See you at the gym!

-Your Time Fitness-

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