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New to the gym? Try this quick and easy to follow workout!

Working out at a new gym can be a bit overwhelming so we wanted you to have a short jump start workout to get familiar with how the gym feels. Our low traffic gyms allow you to do these workouts anywhere without bumping into anyone or waiting for a piece of equipment to open up! Let's get to it!

Exercise 1

You're going to do 20 body weight squats with your arms straight out in front of you. Do 3 sets or groups of 20 reps! Be sure to rest for 50 seconds between eat set.

Exercise 2

Grab one of the Kettle Bells located by the dumbbell racks and grasp the bell with two hands. You're going to press the bell above your head for 15 reps. Do 3 sets or groups of 15 reps. Be sure to rest for 50 seconds between eat set.

Exercise 3

Grab a challenging set of dumbbells off of the dumbbell rack and while keeping your elbows pinned to each side curl the weight up to your chest. Repeat this for 3 sets of 15 reps.

Exercise 4

In the middle of our facility you will see two cable towers with different attachments that are available to you. One of those is a rope pull down attachment. While grasping the rope, pin your elbows to your side and begin to extend your arms down. These are called tricep rope pull downs. You're working the backs of your arms, also known as your triceps.

Great Job! This is a great way to start your first time at our gym! Now head over to your favorite cardio machine and do a 10-15 minute cool down walk!

If your finding our gym for the first time we would love to show you what all the hype is about!

Call or stop by today!

4124 Chesapeake Sq. Blvd

Chesapeake, Va 23321


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